Western Division Housing Court Reports
The Western Division Housing Court Reporter is an unofficial compilation of decisions and orders issued by the Western Division Housing Court. This reporter is a collaborative effort by and among several individuals representative of the Court, and currently or historically representative of the local landlord bar, and the local tenant bar:

Hon. Jonathan Kane, First Justice, Western Division Housing Court
Hon. Robert Fields, Associate Justice, Western Division Housing Court
Hon. Michael Doherty, Clerk-Magistrate, Western Division Housing Court
Aaron Dulles, Esq., Massachusetts Attorney General's Office
Peter Vickery, Esq., Bobrowski & Vickery, LLC
Process, Editorial Standards, and Citations
The Court sets aside copies of its written decisions and orders for the co-editors, Messrs. Dulles and Vickery, who periodically collect these and compile them for publication. Volumes are published via an e-mail listserve and on this website. Each volume is accompanied by a digital signature that may be used to verify its authenticity.

Not all decisions and orders are ultimately included. The Court does not provide decisions from impounded cases and cases involving highly sensitive issues relating to minors. And, the editors will generally exclude certain types of decisions, such as simple scheduling orders; terse orders lacking sufficient context to be of value to those unfamiliar with the case; and, decisions that relate certain types of particularly sensitive, personal information. A full description of our process and editorial standards can be found at the beginning of each volume.

If appropriate for the audience, decisions from these volumes may be cited using the reporter abbreviation “W.Div.H.Ct.”
Contact Us
Out of respect for the Court's time, we ask that you direct any questions, comments, concerns, corrections, and feedback at the first instance to either Aaron Dulles or Peter Vickery.

Requests to join the e-mail distribution list may be directed to Aaron Dulles.

Aaron Dulles, Esq. <aaron.dulles@mass.gov>
Peter Vickery, Esq. <peter@petervickery.com>